Monday, June 20, 2011

New Online Shop (Newly Opened)


Personalized Paper Goods & Designer Stamps
Visit our new shop and check out what we have!

Monday, February 8, 2010

New Designs! In The Shop Now!

Fresh from the artboard! I love designing rubber stamps. There are so many ways to convey the message. These are also great as logo stamps, personal stamps, return address stamps as gifts, business stamps etc. Have you got your stamp yet?

WIN 2 RUBBER STAMPS! 1 for you, and 1 for your friend!

Stand a chance to WIN 2 rubber stamps from the Zoopri shop!
All you have to do, is become a FAN at our Facebook page:

We will select ONE winner among the our fans at Facebook.
The winner gets to choose 2 premade designs from our rubber stamp section
(currently, we have 95 unique designs!)

The winner will be announced at the Zoopri shop announcement page on 28 February 2010. Hurry! You might be the winner! Link to shop:

- Choose from premade existing stamp designs.
- Size of stamp is according to the listing description.
- Rubber stamps will be mailed to one address.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Sticker/Tag Designs!

New sticker/tag designs in the shop now. We also just launched the sale of digital file for the personalized collage A4 sheet. For more information, visit . Print them anywhere, anytime! Great for DIY projects, upcoming parties, showers, weddings, birthdays etc. Strictly not for resale.
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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Colour Splash!

{top left} Sewn with love design
{top right} Red cherry design
{bottom left} Custom tags with holes
{bottom right} Pretty Bow design
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Get Ready For Spring!

{top left} Allie n Scott design
{top right} Custom printing
{bottom left} Custom Bag Toppers
{bottom right} Custom Stickers
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Assorted Prints

{top left} custom earring cards
{top right} damask square tags
{bottom left} damask round stickers
{bottom right} fab cupcakes design
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Business Cards Galore

We have some new designs in there. Designs are out in the shop. Guess which are the ones....
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Custom Requests

{top left} 2.5 inch woodfree tags with 3mm holes on top
{top right} custom labels with personalization
{bottom left} design: buds nouveau
{bottom right} custom double-sided chevron mini cards
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Sweet Colours

Gift packaging + birthday card! So pretty.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fresh from the coop

{left} design: 2.5 inch round stickers
{right} design: custom 1 inch stickers
{bottom left} design: retro lovely
{bottom right} custom design: earrings cards
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Ohh so much fun!

{left} custom cardstock tags
{right} design: especially for you . customized colours
{bottom left} design: damask thank you
{bottom right} dotted ladybug . ohh so much fun in these
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Damask & Butterfly Kiss...

{left} design: ashley n daniel
{right} design: custom design
{bottom left} design: shrooms
{bottom right} design: celeste's birthday
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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Custom logo & packaging design

{left} cardstock owl cut outs . complimentary
{right} custom business cards . assorted colours
{bottom left} custom bag toppers . 100% cuteness
{bottom right} mini product tags . assorted colours
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Cards and such...

{left} custom business cards . simple and clean
{right} custom business cards . 500 pieces
{bottom left} carousel birdie business cards . lime green
{bottom right} love leaves design . lime green
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Christmas Season

{left} cherry design . red and aqua
{right} flourish design . tiffany colour
{bottom left} sweetz design . customized colours
{bottom right} jessica strauss . squares . christmas
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Sharp Corners

{left} ethan & joan design . purple colour
{right} patterns design . country . retro
{bottom left} fabulous cupcake design . sweet pink
{bottom right} custom square labels
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Round and Round

{left} wheels design . magneta red
{right} hoot owl design . customized colours . lovely!
{bottom left} smiley design . assorted colours
{bottom right} dotted ladybug . cute as always
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I heart Blue

{left} custom 2 inch labels
{right} carousel birdie design . aqua colour
{bottom left} embellishment edge design . all time fave colour
{bottom right} jessica strauss design . customized colours
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Labels and more labels

{left} design: decorative . lime green
{right} design: romantic . french peppermint
{bottom left} design: bunny in the field . hot red
{bottom right} design: romantic . choco lime

{left} design: cherry
{right} design: safari . blue and pale colour
{bottom left} design: sweetz
{bottom right} design: scalloped birdie . green

{left} hoot owl labels . classic black & white
{right} custom round labels
{bottom left} custom cardstock tags
{bottom right} custom 1 inch labels

{left} happy song bird design . bright & bold colours
{right} hoot owl design . hot red
{bottom left} scalloped ladybug . very sweet colours combination
{bottom right} colour my rainbow design . modern & cute
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gift wrapping

{left} scalloped shaped gift tags
{right} gift wrapping (guess what is inside?)
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White squares

{top} custom 1 inch labels . client's image . square
{bottom} return address labels . stylish . clean . simple
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Mini cards and product tags

{top left} zooprie mini cards
{top right} design: jennifer roberts . sweet . double sided
{bottom left} zooprie product labels
{bottom right} round . pink and brown . pretty damask . product tags on 250gsm woodfree
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Loads of fun!

{top left} scalloped border . cupcake interior . fun pink
{top right} hoot owl hoot . all time fave . cheerful owl
{bottom left} beautiful design used as product tags
{bottom right} the wishing bird labels
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Return address labels

{top left} design name: exotic . green
{top right} all time fave . green . hoot owl hoot address labels
{bottom left} design name: sweetz . customized colours
{bottom right} design name: jessica strauss . all time fave
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Pink tones

{top left} pink blush . grunge . fun
{top right} whimsical colours . fun
{bottom left} sweet pink + brown . one of my fave design
{bottom right} pink blush . grunge . fun
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