Saturday, December 5, 2009

Labels and more labels

{left} design: decorative . lime green
{right} design: romantic . french peppermint
{bottom left} design: bunny in the field . hot red
{bottom right} design: romantic . choco lime

{left} design: cherry
{right} design: safari . blue and pale colour
{bottom left} design: sweetz
{bottom right} design: scalloped birdie . green

{left} hoot owl labels . classic black & white
{right} custom round labels
{bottom left} custom cardstock tags
{bottom right} custom 1 inch labels

{left} happy song bird design . bright & bold colours
{right} hoot owl design . hot red
{bottom left} scalloped ladybug . very sweet colours combination
{bottom right} colour my rainbow design . modern & cute
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